Originally from Mont Tremblant, I live and work in Montreal (QC).  After completing a DEC in Visual Arts at Cégep Lionel-Groulx, I've explored several university programs such as the Bachelor of Architecture at UdeM and the Bachelor of Environmental Design at UQÀM. After acquiring a variety of knowledge in these various disciplines, I chose to pursue my career as a self-taught visual artist by integrating these multiple artistic visions explored.

I'm absorbed by the complexity of human existence. We are witnessing an era that is increasingly emotionally oriented, and which paradoxically has never been so much about anxiety, egocentricity, individualism, loneliness, hypersexualization, or over-consumption. My work represent these multiple disorders and emotions present in today's society, which I analyze in the light of disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, physics and theology. In order to express their emotions, humans have invented different verbal languages such as different creative languages, which develop similar reflections but in very distinct ways. Creative languages are often universal as well as emotions that are shared. Through  my art, I try to play on this universality of the human being that was lost with the apparition of the different verbal languages.

I choose to treat these subjects by creating visual installations that bring different mediums into dialogue, each carrying their own languages that are perceptible to the spectator. I push the exercise of analyzing the dialogue between the different mediums by exploring the communication that is created between figuration and abstraction, digital and material, thoughtful and spontaneous.